Nepal is home to prolific art forms and literature. Shree Lunkarandas–Ganga Devi Chaudhary Academy for Arts and Literature was established in 1995 by Basant Chaudhary Foundation (BCF) to honor and felicitate personalities dedicated to the development and promotion of arts and literature in Nepal.

The Academy honors prominent individuals every year for their contribution to various forms of arts like music, sculpture, painting, theatre, etc., literature, culture, history, research, social welfare and women empowerment. All awards carry monetary components. Seminars, symposia and poetry and art festivals are also organized by the Academy.

The Academy, currently, presents the following awards: 

  • Saraswati Gadya Samman
  • Narayan Gopal Sangeet Samman
  • Itihas Shiromani Baburam Acharya Shodh Samman
  • Nepal Navapratibha Samman
  • Balkrishna Sama Ranga Samman
  • Araniko Lalitkala Samman 
  • Ganga Devi Chaudhary Smriti Samman
  • Prasad Kavya Samman

New honors and awards are added from time to time to cover new art forms, literary genres and age groups.

The Academy also directs young minds towards excellence in Nepali literature by providing master’s students  scholarships for research in different forms of Nepali literature.

The Academy has established ‘Padmkanya Bahumukhi Campus Scholarship Fund’ in July 2014 with a corpus of Rupees 2.5 million. Research fellowship and a gold medal will be awarded to an outstanding lecturer and a degree level student of Nepali language and literature, respectively, who opt for research in these fields. 

Mr. Chaudhary also keeps travelling abroad to promote and propagate Nepali literature as part of his Vishwa Kavya Yatra (world poetry tour).