Veteran Writers Honoured

Posted on: 16 May 2022

KATHMANDU, Baishakh 27 (10th May, 2022) Lunkarandas Gangadevi Chaudhary Sahitya Kala Mandir (SKM) honoured three veteran writers of Nepal on its 28th anniversary.

While Prof (Dr) Tri Ratna Manandhar was awarded ‘Itihas Shiromani Baburam Acharya Shodh Samman’, Mr Tejeshwor Babu Gonga and Mr Nhuchhe Bahadur Dangol were honoured with ‘Saraswati Samman’ and ‘Narayan Gopal Sangeet Samman’ respectively. The award comprised cash component of Rs 1, 59,000 each and certificates.

 SKM has honoured 120 legends from different fields since its inception in 1995.

Prof Manandhar praised SKM for its long contribution to the promotion of literature and the arts for the last 28 years.

SKM’s president, Mr. Basant K. Chaudhary, said that creativity in the realms of literature or music, art or theatre reflected the ever alive spirit of the society which illumines our journey from darkness to light as enunciated in the Sanskrit saying tamaso ma jyotir gamaya.

Prof (Dr) Usha Thakur hailed Basant Chaudhary for his continuous contribution to literature and art by honouring legends and publishing literary works. Basant Chaudhary is not only a successful industrialist but also a senior poet and true patriot, she added.

Basant Chaudhary Foundation’s vice-president Megha Chaudhary said that respecting elders and encouraging new talent has been a family tradition. She pledged her commitment to continue with the heritage in the fields of literature and art in the days to come.

Veteran artist Harihar Sharma, vice-president of SKM, said that selection of eminent personalities for awards has added value to the dignity of the honour.